Pierclaudio Fei

Italian Conductor; his vast musical experience began in 1985 giving him the possibility to work in many fields within the music world from the organization of events including Concerts, Festivals and venues to the promotion of varied musical groups through to the act of performing himself and the hands on activity of teaching.

Maestro Fei’s vast experience as a musician gives him a rare creative approach to working together with the musicians and the creation of the “live sound” and his close working relationship with his artists together with a deep understanding of the musical score helps obtain the maximum emotion and quality in his performances, through his musicians, which never fails to touch his audiences as he manages to always get his musical message across to the public giving his performances a special excitement which is unforgettable.

Born in Florence in 1966 he completed his violin studies in 1988 with Maestro Massimo Nesi in the Conservatory of Ferrara. He then went on to study the viola with Julie Shepherd, obtaining his diploma from the Conservatory of Perugia in 1996. In 1998 he obtained his diploma in Trombone, studying together with Alessio Barsotti, from the Livorno Conservatory.

Since 1999 he has dedicated his studies to orchestral conducting taking part in courses in Canada (July 2000) and the U.S.A. (July/August 2001) receiving in both cases scholarships as the best foreign student. In 2002 he founded the “Orchestra Geminiani” with which he has conducted more than 100 concerts between 2002 and 2009! The repertoire spans from the Baroque period to the Classical and the 1900 and finally to the first performance of many contemporary pieces often dedicated to him by the composer.

In the same time he kept increasing his skills having experiences with great Maestros as Marco Balderi, Giancarlo Gazzani, Leonardo Pinzauti, David Shaw, Claudio Desderi, Piero Bellugi, Alberto Zedda, Sir Colin Davis.

During the “Secondo Festival Geminiani 2004”, a large varied choice of concerts with a selection of varied musical styles, he had his operatic dèbut with Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte performed at the Globe Theatre in Villa Borghese, Roma to much critical and public acclaim to a public of more than 2,000!. He then went on to conduct Galuppi’s “Filosofo di Campagna” at Siena’s Teatro Goldoni in February 2005. In the same year he went on to conduct Mozart’s Nozze di Figaro and in 2006 he completed the cycle of Mozart’s Italian masterpieces with a hugely successful run of the opera “Don Giovanni”. In October 2005 the principal conductor of the “Orchestra da camera Fiorentina” Maestro Lanzetta named him his conducting assistant. So in summer 2007 he transcribed in modern version the Pergolesi Oratorio “La Conversione di Guglielmo” a work for four voices and String Orchestra conducting this baroque masterpiece even in Toscana Classica Season 2009 in Florence, where he appeared in summer 2008 together with the Russian Soloist Xenia Akeynikova.

He then conducted: Elgar, Cello Concerto Op. 85 (April 2006, Soloist Andrea Nannoni), Viotti Violin Concert n. 22 (June 2006, Soloist Marco Fornaciari), Mozart Sinfonia Concertante (December 2006, Solosists Marco Fornaciari Violin and Julie Shepherd Viola). Since July 2007 Pierclaudio Fei works with the Russian Violin virtuoso Xenia Akeynikova: they performed together: Wieniawski Faust Variationes, Sarasate Zigeunerweisen op. 20, Vivaldi Four Seasons. In April 2007 he was been invited to conduct “The Vivaldi Soloists of Boston” for a Concerto at the Marsh Chapel in the Boston University. For spring 2008 he was invited by the Composer William Susmann to conduct his Music in San Francisco. In November 2008 he conducted the Donizetti one act Opera “Rita” in the Rozzi Theatre in Siena at the guidance of the “Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina”, receiving in December of the same year the special Prize for the Orchestra Conducting "Premio Firenze" in Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze. In November 2010 he conducted the Youth Chamber Orchestra of Trondheim (Norway), and in May 2012 he was in Albany (N.Y., USA) for a memorable performance of 7th Beethoven Symphony in front of an enthusiastic audience of more than a thousand people!

In 2012 he moved to the city of Ferrara thus collaborating with the orchestras OGAP, Ensemble per Caso and contributing in 2014 to the creation of the orchestra So Small So Great.

His approach to the art of creating music is to give supreme importance to the sound in every working moment thus making his performance unique and recognizable.

Concentrating on the Italian Operas and on the works of Puccini he has a vast experience in works for string with and without instrumental/vocal soloists.

In August 2017 he has been invited to take part on the jury of the Astana Music Games in Kazakistan and 2018 he will return to conduct in Albany at the Guilderland Music School.

Since 2020 his interests have been focused on a research project that begins in the year 1000 until the 700s exploring the development of the stringed instrument. He thus began to play various instruments: Ribeca, Viella, Viola da Braccio, Baroque and Classic Violin; the curiosity for their various technical and expressive possibilities gave light to various musical works among which “Accadde in Italia” which gives the title to the same project.

Musical qualifications:

Diploma in Violino, 1988

Diploma in Viola, 1994

Diploma in Trombone, 1998

Instrumentalist (since 1984) c. 800 concerts as violinist and violist in both orchestra and chamber music

Orchestra Conductor (since 2000) c. 120 concert, seven lyrical productions, four International tours

Professor of Violin (since 1991) in High School specializing in Music (SMIM)

Pierclaudio Fei Conductor

Pierclaudio Fei Instrumentalist